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Have A Heart

Inspire, Advocate, Create, Provide

Our mission: The betterment of children and youth lives. To provide outlets and tools for the betterment of children’s health, education and creativity; To inspire, motivate, build friendships and make changes for better, significant moments and lives.

Vision: A world where children are interested in what they learn and where they can share ideas with one another; where they have the resources to make their dreams and aspirations come to life. Compassion, advocacy and understanding of the issues that affect all of us.


Picture this: You are a child. You are given a single piece of paper. These are the basics. But there’s only such much you can do with it. What can you do with that paper? You can make an airplane, you can fold it, ball it up and you could even rip it up. These are short term uses for the paper. What can we do to make it last, to make it useful beyond a narrow scope of time? You could write on it, but you don’t have a pen. Have A Heart is the pen to your paper. We are the supplement that gives your ideas a way to liberate themselves from your mind and become something greater. Children are a wealth of potential, full of ideas and even wisdom! We must do our best to provide them with what they need to become the best that they can be and nurture their creativity and passion so that they not only love what they do as they grow older, but they are very good at it. We want to be the spark that lights up an idea.

We believe in the art of inspiration. We believe in the power of the human spirit, the power of good and in connecting with one another significantly.


Purpose: To advocate for children’s health and education issues and to help children grow and to be successful by building health, providing outlets for education and by providing spiritual strength through person-to-person contact and understanding. Hands on experiences. HAH is about bringing the youth to the youth. Kids will get mentors and guidance from people who are successful and closer to their age and demographic.

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