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Human Rights

(Pictured above: Co-Author of Half The Sky, Sheryl WuDunn and I)

Human rights are extremely important to me. I try to stress in my daily life to others that we are equal no matter what gender, skin color or where we are from. I use my social media accounts as outlets to spread the word about this issues. I believe that we should all have access to the same resources: food, clean water and education for all. Women are currently my main focus. Education (including women in STEM) and anti-humantraficking efforts are at the top of my list.


I am a Girl Rising Regional Ambassador and I work directly with the staff at Girl Rising. Girl Rising is an organization that advocates for girls' education worldwide and which created an extremely powerful, emotional and statistic driven documentary that aired nationwide on CNN. I have organized two events on my campus to advocate for girl's rights to equal education by collaborating with St. John's Women and Gender Studies Dept. and I am working on a third, large scale event. By depriving any gender of education, we are cheating ourselves of half the world's knowledge. I was able to briefly chat with Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, authors of Half The Sky, about human trafficking and what we can do about it here in our own communities. The solutions start with us.


Click here to watch my dedication to Women in STEM for the Weizmann Institute of Science: http://www.weizmann-usa.org/tomorrow-lab/dedication.aspx?id=779241d7-f7c2-446b-a96d-17ad8a7c181d


Learn more about Girl Rising here: www.girlrising.com



I am interested in doing psychological research, mainly on women and children. I would love to conduct sociological and psychological related to human trafficking and domestic violence and schemas that may be involved in the vicious cylce that keeps these attrocities alive. I would also like to conduct my own domestic study on whether doing art projects decreases aggression and increases academic performance in children ages 3-8.



Public Health

I live in the United States of America. If you look around the world, you may say that things are chaotic. Though better than our status 10 years ago, we still need statistics and research on various diseases and mental illnesses and the population they effect. Most importantly we need public health professionals (like myself in the future) to take proventative measures against these things.



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