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THE 3050 has really been an eye-opener. I've learned more about myself than I thought I would. Things went bit fast for me, but I feel that things have been going better over the past few weeks. During the beginning of semester i felt like a worn out paper doll, flat and resting face down on the floor. When I did my reflections and some of my posts however, I was surprised to see that they weren't normal assignments. They were interesting. As the semester continued and I continued to study and work for this class and all of the others, I found life being restored to me again.

This course had a lot to do with the university’s core values and faith. I learned more about Catholicism and introspection during my lessons. I love to learn but I hate to waste time. Sometimes college is full of hoops to jump through, time to waste and utter and complete monotony. It is refreshing to have a teacher who cares and who really caters to the students and teaches interesting things.Taking classes that interest you really makes a difference in how you learn and the way you interact with your teachers. I was able to be comfortably open and honest with all of my teachers but I could really have a conversation with those of whom I had a connection with. I'm glad that Dean's Fellowship/THE 3050 included so much direct interaction with Dr. Upton and the lesson plan was very her. I'm a psychology major and religion is important to the field because many patients are religious. Patients come to psychologist/psychiatrists for various reasons and their religion can be factor in treating them. I plan to be a bit of an uconventional psychiatrist. If a patient chooses to pray or wants to talk about items involving religion, I won't be holding back. Learning about religion and exploring it is great for this aspect of psychology.


I've most definitely been effective in sharing and expressing myself with my newly learned material. If I like something in a unit, I remember it. If I really like a lesson, I share it with my friends! I did that with the integration project and reflection 2. I even talked to a good friend of mine about applying for Dean's Fellowship. I've grown closer to God this semester and this allowed me to embrace myself better. I feel like I pour my heart into every reflection, every project or portfolio or any other assignment I have to complete. I try to be as open and honest as possible. I do believe that honest is the best policy and that passion is important to doing good work. So I try to put myself into everything I do. It was no different for THE 3050, including the trip to Paris. You can find the 'Alana' in everything I did. Throughout this semester I've learned that my ideas do matter and that I'm accountable for making my dreams come true. Walking with God has helped me realize that I am not alone. I have a friend who knows everything about me. Find God has been a blessing. I feel like a baby that has just learned to walk and is wondering, 'now where should i go?' It's exciting. I've already gone through the terrified stage, so now I'm just excited and happy.


Finding my way after St. John's seems like a scary challenge, but I think Ill be okay and happy. As long as I stay positive I know I can make a difference in my community and within others. I was pretty serious about being a speaker on feminism, global women's education, hunger and other important subjects. I plan on doing a lot of work with nonprofits and collaborating with people to make change on every scale, big or small. Any move forward is good. I'm excited about my future. As of right now I'm trying to get an internship at the Somaly Mam Foundation and/or Love 146, both nonprofits dedicated to fighting human trafficking. My friend told me yesterday after Sinai performed their newest dance (Song: Kierra Sheard-You Are) to stop worrying. I asked her why she said that. I didn't think I looked (too) worried, even though on the inside I was. She then proceeded to say that it wasn't her saying it. God was speaking through her. She also said that I shouldn't' worry about where to go or what to do; that He would lead me. He works in mysterious ways because I needed that at that moment. My future is bright and I can't wait to see where God takes me. I'm nervous, but at the same time I know that there's no need to be afraid.


Thank you to Dr. Upton and the people I met on Dean's Fellowship and who I worked with. It's been an overall good semester despite the roadblocks. See every on Graduation Day, which is coincidentally my birthday! Peace and blessings to all.

Alana Ladson
Have A Heart
"A Heart And Smile For Every Child."

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