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Quote: Love is misused and abused by being overused. - Carolyn Bruno


Quote: Shame shows itself to be native to this earth as if it sprouts out as a reaction to life punches. – C.Bruno


Quote: Tiredness can built you up for effortless work but sleep well and renew your strength in the Lord. CB



City ----"Rough patches of shame piercing aching pain that smother me with salty tears. Violence in the air leading those in long lasting sleep. Toxins are roaring in a cycle; pouring poisoning into the mouths of fatty cows and this imperishable nation. What is next? Darkness deteriorating beauty for some type of greed. To never see a day of lifeless treasures that keeps us bound and not meek. Oh! Oh! Oh! Why will Mother Nature just stand and watch? Where is the freedom and the path that leads me straight? I just want my last breath of clean air.  But joy rains down from the open heavens and brings good light. It's rivers of life quench every thirst. Great for all those whose journey stay straight into the light." - Carolyn Bruno


 My True Identity: -  By Carolyn Bruno  

My message to the world, Where nature legacies resides, And beauty is revealed, Through the unsightly existence of life.   Where the Man above, Have two tocsin clocks, Telling the time of life Or the time of death.   Here It comes! Where Judgment is roaming, To the four kingdoms, Of thee Earth.   My shyness and kindness, Is mislead and Those who believe are beguile, For a true fierce woman lives inside of me.   Years of stabs and unpleasant grief, Replaced with a preeminent joy of smiles. For the One who judge me, Placed a roaring lion, Which comes The fierce woman inside of me,   But the complexity of thy Ego, Is simply Me, To live for happiness, For the love of my Identity



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.