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Here are some samples of files I work on in class or in the church for educational reasons (to solve a problem or use excel), to help organize the church financial statements, or help others organizing through Microsoft Office.


Carolyn Copy of Copy of chapter 1- ex, 5.xls 

File from M.S.H.S. Accounting Class



File I work on in Excel Class at CW


Annual Contribution Letter.doc 

Church Doc. I created this letter to thank members for contributions


Receipt of Annual Contributions.doc

Church Doc. I created this to give members a listing of contributions



This file was created for my father to keep record of tips from tenants where he currently works at. This help him answer questions, when tenants ask him, "did you recieve our card/tips for christmas?" This also allows him to thank the tenants of the building. I just wanted to show there are other ways to use excel to organize yourself.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.