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Dr. Timothy Knickerbocker on St. John's University's Paris campus introduced me to how economics plays a role in poverty. We studied the works of Jeffrey Sachs who presents very interesting and debatable solutions to poverty. The course was short but very impactful and I was able to conduct an immense amount of research in just five weeks. Here is a link to the work I produced during that course.  

Economics of Income Inequality and Poverty.pdf



Dr. Linda Sama is one of the Associate Dean's of the Center for Global Development and also the director of the GLOBE Program. The coursework and fieldwork related to this class introduced me to a broad range of topics. A great deal of information on the GLOBE Program is available on the website, follow the link. 



As a member of the Finance and Risk Assessment Team I did risk assessment for the possibility of GLOBE entering Morocco. There are a number of risk factors but also benefits associated with the expansion of the program to the Middle East which are explored as one of the case studies presented in this paper. 


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.