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Background :                                 


I was born in a small town in the middle of China. My interests were the same like other children until I watched a movie, the amazing actor was Bruce lee, and I was attracted by his martial arts skills when I was 10 years old. Then I began to study Sanda (a kind of Chinese kung fu skills which focuses on competition) and Taekwondo at ShaoLin Temple kung fu school near my hometown at free time.


When I was in high school, I made a big decision to engage in sports as my specialty. Because I was a tall boy (6’4”) and I have passion for basketball, I was invited to high school basketball team, and I played great. When I graduated from high school, I went to Xi’an to join a basketball team (Song Xiaobo basketball training centre).  I had to stop training a year later when my knees got injured,  but I have learned a lot from this experience.  It takes perseverance and hard work to achieve anything in my life.  After I recovered from this injury and through one year’s preparation, I passed the college entrance exams, was accepted by Xi’an Physical Education University, and began my college life.


When I was in college, I choose my major in Athletic Training. After preparing for about two months, I won some Taekwondo and Sanda Competitions in my school, and some competitors that competed with me were the best athletes in China. Those competitions give me confidence to follow my dreams and let me relized that how sports can be an effective tool to transform lives. My school owned the best Sanda and Taekowndo teams in China, so I benefited from the training experiences more than before. After four years training and learning, I graduated from college.


When I gruduated from college, I taught basketball and martial arts in a high school near my home town for a year. In this time, I'm passionate about the business opportunities showed in China and made a decision to open my own martial arts school. After I quitted my job, I started my own business in Beijing, a martial arts club named Chenghao Martial Arts Club. After that, I started building other Taekwondo schools near my home town named Taiguan Taekwondo School, and the schools were very successful.


After two years of hard work, my schools were doing great, but I realized that I needed more education to do better.  I decided to pursue a master’s degree.  I passed the exams and went to study in Yunnan University of Nationalities in Kunming, Yunnan province. My major was The Science of National Traditional Sports.


Three years of intensive training and study paid off, I got my Master's Degree in Physical Education and became a college teacher in Qujing Normal University. I mainly taught sport business, sport management, basketball, martial arts, fitness and other exercise programs. At the same time, I cooperated a martial arts school with a sports company in Yunnan province.  


In this time, I met an inspiring teacher who studied in America, and the teacher had first suggested to me the possibility of studying Sports Management Program in America, a unique combination of sports and business. I thought this was a great idea. I am a person who always looking for new challenges and study in the United States is another step to tap my potential. 


Personal quality, talent, accomplishment, contribution or experience


I have learned a lot through years of training, learning, hard word, and running my own businesses. But the most important thing for me is that I have passion for the sports and fitness industry, and I love what I do.  Humility, creativity, hard work, integrity and perseverance are the most important qualities I possess, which are developed through sports and business. At middle school, high school and college, I was the most competitive basketball player and martial arts athlete, and because of these experiences and qualities, I could do well when I ran the businesses of my own. I think all these educations, experiences of playing and coaching basketball, business experience, English and Chinese language abilities and computer skills will help me to be very successful in my future career.




My purpose of studying in America is to tap my potential, to consolidate my past learning and work experiences, and to absorb current advanced concepts and practical techniques in sport management.  My ultimate goal is to be a leader in sports and fitness industry.


Although there have been some failures and setbacks in my life, I have never given up my goal.  To achieve the purpose I set for myself, I am willing to meet future challenges and go to the next adventure of my life.


Another goal of mine is to gain better understanding of the sports management profession in America.  I believe sports could serve as a communication means between different countries and cultures.  Good communication could enhance mutual trust and promote international peace projects. I will be very happy if I could play a part in this area in the future.


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