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I selected three example works that best display my abilities as a future educator.  The example works are my lesson trailer, WebQuest, and science lesson.  


The first one I chose was my lesson trailer.  In my education course focusing on technology integration into the classrrom, I created a lesson trailer for the first time.  I made a storyboard, which contained visuals I found from the web and narration I scripted, and then moved on to creating a trailer by using a movie maker application.  The process took a lot of time and effort, but I really loved how the product turned out, and am excited to see how students would react to it in the classroom.  The lesson trailer demonstrates how I am able to integrate technology into my classroom not only to motivate my students, but also to make the learning relatable to their lives.


The second work I selected is my WebQuest.  Before entering my technology integration education course, I never really heard about WebQuests before; however, once I heard about them, I was really excited to make my own, due to the fact that this inquiry-based learning tool would really facilitate learning in a fun and innovative manner.  After creating my WebQuest, I was truly satisfied with the final product, for it truly melded the elements of a 21st century teacher into my own work.  I was able to pull from online educational sources, and create an interesting, game-like learning activity for my students.


The last work I selected is my science lesson on animal adaptations.  I actually taught this lesson when I student taught in the Fall semester of 2014.  For this lesson, I pulled from different resources for my students to learn from, which included textbook readings, expository texts, and an educational music video.  Furthermore, I differentiated my instruction and created leveled worksheets for my three groups.  This lesson demonstrates my ability to differentiate instruction and create a fun activity that engages students in learning on their individual levels.


Visit my example works by clicking on the following links:

1) Lesson Trailer

2) WebQuest

3) Science Lesson

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.