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Final Project: 

Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders
CSD 2775: Language-Based Learning Disabilities
Fall 2011

Course Description:
Language acquisition, development, and disorders and the relation to language-based learning disabilities will be analyzed. Strategies on infusing a curriculum for language learning disabled children based on current literature will be discussed. Research on the implications of language in learning disabilities from early childhood through adolescence will be explained.

Prerequisites: CSD 1730

Course Goals:
1. Students will develop an understanding of the role of language in cognitive and academic development.
2. Students will gain an appreciation for the operational definitions of language learning disabilities using an information processing perspective.
3. Students will learn basic issues in language learning disability assessment.
4. Students will learn basic issues in language learning disability remediation.

Course Requirements:

Percentage of grade
In-class participation/ quizzes
Midterm Assignments
Final Exam
Term Paper

Course Policies

Attendance is mandatory. Students will be responsible for obtaining information from missed classes.

Exams will be based assigned readings and class notes. An outline of each lecture will be available to students. There will be no make-ups for missed exams without a medical documentation.

Failure to meet the deadline for any assignment will result in reduction of the grade on the assignment by one letter grade for each late day. The due dates for the assignments are attached on the course outline.

Assignment #1
Collect 3 separate narratives from a school-age child. Analyze each narrative using analyses such as High Point and Story Grammar and summarize. Resources to be provided.

Assignment #2
Accommodations & Modifications Project: Each student will examine a typical assignment for a school-age child and modify it for a child with language- learning disability. To be discussed in class.

Term Paper
Term paper on a reading program. Paper will be minimum of 5 pages with 5 recent journal references. APA format. Double Spaced. 12 point font. Topic and outline to be approved. Final presentation integrating assignments. Can be poster or powerpoint.

Course Outline

Weeks 1 & 2:
I. Introduction: Language Based Reading Disabilities and Speech- Language Specialists
A. Scope of the Problem
B. Who develops language based reading problems?
C. Why early intervention sometimes isn't enough
D. Role of speech- language specialists in treating developmental language and reading disabilities

Weeks 3 & 4:
II. The Language Continuum
A. Transitioning from oral to written language
B. The next phase of literacy development: learning to read and write
C. Developmental progression of written language acquisition

Weeks 5 & 6:
III. Developmental Reading Disabilities
A. Common complaints
B. Three subtypes of developmental reading disabilities
C. Underlying core deficits in developmental reading disabilities
D. Causes and consequences of developmental reading disabilities

Week 7:        Midterm projects due

Week 8:
IV. Assessment of Developmental Reading Disabilities
A. Introduction
B. Assessing four processors involved in reading
C. Phonological processing and oral- written language
D. Assessment of the phonological processor
E. Summary of domains to assess under phonological processor
F. Assessment of the orthographic processor
G. Summary of domains to assess under orthographic processor
H. Assessment of the meaning processor
I. Summary of domains to assess under meaning processor
J. Assessment of the context processor
K. Summary of domains to assess under context processor
L. Putting it together: Practical Aspects

Weeks 9 & 10:
V. Treatment of Developmental Reading Disabilities: Part 1
A. Introduction
B. Methods that target the phonological processor
C. Rationale for inclusion of phonological awareness
D. Variables that influence the effectiveness of early reading and phonological awareness instruction

Weeks 11 & 12: 
VI. Treatment of Developmental Reading Disabilities: Part 2
A. Introduction
B. Methods that target the orthographic processor
C. Methods that target the meaning processor
D. Methods that target the context processor

Weeks 13 & 14
VII. Some Final Considerations
A. What is Good Instruction?
B. Curriculum- Based IEP goals to Support Literacy
C. Possible Collaboration
D. A Personal Story
E. Future Direction
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.