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Gabriela Mistral

Granteuud to an outstanding graduate or undergraduate student of Spanish who is an active member of Sigma Delta Pi and who has demonstrated noteworthy involvement and initiative in his/her chapter. Honorary members are not eligible. Any active chapter may nominate one student per year for the Gabriela Mistral Award and shall send the nomination together with supporting documentation, including at least two letters of recommendation and a current transcript, to the Executive Director (delmastromp@cofc.edu).  Winners of the award will be given a beautiful certificate compliments of Sigma Delta Pi and the book De Chile al Mundo compliments of the Gabriela Mistral Foundation.



  Jennifer Enríquez                                        2018 - 2019                8 de mayo de 2019

  Victoria Girardín                                  2017 - 2018                2 de mayo de 2018

  Rosemary Domínguez-Sotirios                  2016 - 2017                3 de mayo de 2017

Andrew Chang2015 - 20164 de mayo de 2016
Olga Mariella Bonilla2014 - 20156 de mayo de 2015
Lehidyt Montecinos2013 - 201423 de abril de 2014
Wilson Cedeño2012 - 20134 de mayo de 2013
Felipe Alfaya2010 - 20113 de mayo de 2011
Miguel Alejandro Valerio2009 - 201028 de abril de 2010
Natasha Mejía2008 - 20098 de mayo de 2009
Carolina David1997-199823 de abril de 2008
Dawn Aurora DeLeonardis1996-199725 de abril de 2007
Georgia Patilis2005-2006 26 de abril de 2006
Ying Xing2004-20056 de abril de 2005
Tonatiuh Ramos2003-200421 de abril de 2004
Elizabeth Collado2002-20038 de abril de 2003
Gina López2001-200210 de abril de 2002
Alex Lima2000-20016 de abril de 2001
Carileny Lora1999-200018 de abril de 2000
Gabriela Cosma Epsilon1998-1999 7 de abril de 1999
Mónica Sánchez1996-199722 de abril de 1997
Alvaro Riquelme1992-199327 de abril de 1993
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.