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La Sociedad Nacional Hispánica


Application for Membership 2020

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Sigma Delta Pi, the Spanish Honor Society, is opened to college students on the undergraduate and graduate levels.  The Epsilon Kappa chapter of the society was established at St. John’sUniversity in 1964.  The purpose of the society is to “foment a wider knowledge of, and a greater love for the Hispanic contributions to modern culture; to provide a nucleus for Spanish language students’ activities; and to reward those who show special attainments and interests.”


Qualifications for Active Membership:

  1. Minimum of 3 yrs academic college work in Spanish, including at least one 3 credit third year literature course.

SS#  ________-_____-________

B average in Spanish.

  1. General average of B.
  2. A true interest in Hispanic culture.

Name:__________________________  Phone #  (_____) ______-________

 Cell Phone # (             ) 

Address: ____________________________City: __________ Zip:_______

E-mail: __________________________________________

Check one:             Undergraduate                      Graduate

 Year: _________  Degree:  Major; Minor____________                  

General Average: ____________       Average in Spanish: _____________

Number of completed or current courses in Spanish (list only #’s)

This application, along with $40 dues has to be returned in person to the Secretary of the Department of Languages & Literatures, or to Dr. M.L. Gazarian by February 15, 2019.  The induction ceremony will be held on  April  19, 2019.


President: Jennafer Magda Enriquez              Treasurer:  Nashali Llauger Laureno

Vice  President: Vanesa Mos                        Secretary:  Victor Salmeron

                          Moderator:  Dr. Marie-Lise Gazarian


Please send the registration to: gazariam@stjohns.edu


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.