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 I describe Worship in Spirit and Truth as a liturgical biography.  Fr. Hans Ansgar Reinhold, expelled from Germany by the Gestapo in 1936, was a leader in the American Liturgical Movement.  The story of his escape is both harrowing and inspiring.  Although he died in 1968 as the very liturgical reforms he championed were just being implemented, his writings remain fresh and as needed by the Church today as during his active ministry.


Fr. Reinhold died just as I was coming of age, and although we never met in the flesh he continues to be a mentor for me.


A Time for Embracing, published in 1999, had its origins in my own struggle to understand and appreciate the Rite of Penance following the Second Vatican Council and the turbulent 1960s.  The book covers the history, theology and spirituality of the sacrament and its practical application today in the lives of faithful Catholics.



When our community was preparing to celebrate the centenial of Angel Guardian Home, a child-caring institution in Brooklyn, NY, they were looking for someone to write its history.  I volunteered because it seemed to be a good way for me to be able to serve the sisters and the community, especially since I had never worked in any of our schools or agencies.  In its 100 years, AGH morphed from being primarily an orphanage to assisting children in foster care.



Published in 1990, A Church for the Next Generation grew out of my dissertation and imagines what could happen in the Church if the Rite of Christian Intiation were to become a paradigm for sacarmental formation.  It takes each of the sacraments and applies the principles of process and theological reflection so integral to the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults.



 Journey into Mystery was my first book.  I conceived the idea when I was working on my dissertation in the late 1970s.  The process for admitting people into the Roman Catholic Church changed following the Second Vatican Council, but no one seemed to be writing for those who would be entering the Church through that process.  Journey, therefore, was intended to companion people on their journey into full communion.  When the rite was revised and fully implemented a decade later, I revised and updated the book, and it was published in 1983 as Beoming a Catholic Christian


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