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      At the Yu lab in the department of biological sciences at St. John's           university, we study structure and function of cell membrane ion channels 

and receptors, and their roles in physiology and diseases.



Latest news in the lab  

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8/21/2020: Ph.D. student Zhifei (Jeffery) Wang successfully defended his Ph.D. via a Zoom meeting. This is the first online Ph.D. defese in the history of the department. Big congrats, Jeffery! 


07/2020: Dr. Yu received a new NIH R01 grant to support the lab's research on polycystins and ADPKD. This multiple PI grant will be conducted in both the Yu lab and Dr. Feng Qian's lab at the University of Maryland.  


The new grant was reported on SJU's website and SJU's student newspaper The Torch:






05/2020: Dr. Yu received an Investigator-Initiated Research Award from the Department of Defense (DOD).


11/07-10/2019: Dr. Yu and Ph.D. student Zhifei (Jeffery) Wang attended the ASN 2019 Annual Meeting in Washington DC. Jeffery gave oral presentation.


9/26/2019: Our paper on EMBO Reports was highlighted by Dr. Michael Caplan's commentary in EMBO reports with the title "Holding open the door reveals a new view of polycystin channel function."



9/23/2019: Dr. Yu was invited to give a talk at the PKD symposium at Baltimore PKD Center, University of Maryland Medical Center.


08/01/2019: Jeffery (Zhifei)'s manuscript was accepted for publication at EMBO Reports. Congrats, Jeffery and all authors!


4/19/2019: Dr. Yu was invited to give seminar at the Texas Southern University in Houston.


03/2019: Parul's manuscript was accepted for publication at Biochem Biophys Res Commun. Congrats, Parul! 


11/15/2018: Dr. Yu was invited to give seminar at University of Kansas Medical Center


09/2018: Yong gave a talk at the 2nd international forum of polycystic and rear kidney disease in Hefei, China.


07/26/2018: Ph.D. student Parul Kashyap successfully defended her thesis. Congrats, Dr. kashyap!


06/2018: Yong gave a talk at the PKD Foundation Connect Basic Research Meeting.


05/2018: Yong visited and gave a talk at the National "111" Center for Cellular Regulation and Molecular Pharmaceutics at Hubei University of Technology.


04/2018: BS/MS student Courtney Ng successfully defended her thesis. Congrats, Courtney!


04/2018: Graduate student Zhifei Wang and undergraduate students Hannah Martin and Enessa Kalontar presented their research at the annual SJU Student Research Day.






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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.